Top 10 Tips to Protect Your Hotmail Email Account from Hackers

Hotmail Email Account: In this world of emailing and communication through technology where there are various ways for instant collaboration, Hotmail is offering the most reliable services there is. Including various facilities required for the fulfillment of the people’s email management needs, this online email handling feature keeps the quick search for our contacts. The mailing services offered by Hotmail login page is not very much new so, no one is going to face any kind of destructive situation with it.

Most of the users have very different purpose according to what they need either to store or catch spams, as well as others, have the desire to keep using this emailing client just because of news updates packed within it. Another prospect due to which this email client is being used at high extent is preventing respected users from unauthorized people, unknown servers, and threatening emails at addresses. How To Backup Emails from Hotmail.

Top 10 Tips to Protect Your Hotmail Email Account


Steps to Protect your Hotmail account

Step 1.Launch Hotmail Backup software and fill credential of the user account.

Step 2. Select one e-mail format: EML, PST, MSG or MBOX.

Step 3.Then click on “Browse” button to choose the desired location where you to export email data.

Step on “Start” button to begin the email download process.

hotmail guide

Step 5.Once all email items are downloaded to your computer, the software will show a confirmation message “Download completed successfully”. Then Click on “OK” button. By this time you should be able to easily do it. You just have to be mindful of what you are downloading and you should be good to go.

What Is The Purpose of Wireless Router: Know why it is Used For

The router is a device that is used to connect multiple devices to a network. The router transmits data from one place to another in terms of data packets securely. Mainly there are two types of router wireless router and wired router. Nowadays, as the wireless router is easy to setup and handle, so it has been widely used then the wired router. Every business establishment and even at home people prefers wireless router than wired router.

The purpose of Wireless router is to connect every type of device it may be PC or mobile handset to a particular network. The wireless router is portable, and so you can use it anywhere where the network is available these best wireless routers for gaming are so good.

Wireless Router:

wireless routers

There are different brands of Wireless router which is easily available in both online and offline shops. Every manufacturer provides their specific router management console, to alter any settings of the router. But the basic functionalities and requirements remain same for all brands. In a short period, you will be familiar with any type of router management console.

To get access to the control panel, you need to first connect the router to your system with the help of LAN cable. Below are the steps to connect the router.

Every router has an IP address. You have to copy that IP address and paste it into your browser. It will open the router control panel of the router that your are connecting. After successful connection, it will ask for username and password which in most of the router is ‘admin.’ After successful login, you can access to its control panel where you can change all settings as per your needs like Password, IP Address, Network, etc.

The purpose of Wireless Router:

The purpose of Wireless router is that it provides the convenience of cordless connection and helps to connect far destination router. All the user information can be protected while surfing the internet by the configuration of a router. Hence, the Wireless router is the convenient way to maintain privacy and security. It is capable of connecting multiple devices to a single network storage driver.

So, using a wireless router you can easily transmit data from any one place to the other. It is the most secure way to connect multiple devices to the web. Thus, devices which have inbuilt Wi-Fi technology can easily connect to this Wireless router.


Meet the 10 most influential people in Wikipedia: You’ll be amazed

The Wikipedia is the mother of knowledge on the internet who want to learn about something, turns to her. This encyclopaedia is everything and the most relevant characters are quite different from what you think. Today, we want to know the 10 most influential people in Wikipedia and replace searches of yesteryear. It means that the results are displayed in a rather special study.

To determine who were the most important people in Wikipedia, a study was conducted in which, through a very similar algorithm that uses Page Rank Google is reviewed not only searches but also other aspects. Importantly, it was the cross references: For example, a character who was named several times in Wikipedia articles with links to your own article, it was more relevant to the investigation.

Who are the most important in Wikipedia:

Who are the most important in Wikipedia

Therefore, the most popular of all using this method is the Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus, who invented a system of classifying plants and animals. As Wikipedia is full of scientific articles, as many cross-references are characters that are not part of the popular culture. You probably know many scientists and Linnaeus is not one of them. The first would win because it is mentioned in the pages dedicated to the different animals and plants, which are many.

Given the results, the researchers decided to add a second variable to the method: This is the CheiRank, which considers the outgoing links from an article. The set of these two algorithms was called 2DRank and the results are more understandable to today’s culture.

Top 10 of the most influential figures in Wikipedia

Then we leave the Top 10 with the most influential figures in Wikipedia as Page Rank

Carl Linnaeus
Napoleon Bonaparte
Julio Cesar
William Shakespeare
Albert Einstein
Queen Elizabeth II

In the case of 2DRank, the results are:

Adolf Hitler
Michael Jackson
Ludwig van Beethoven
Pope Benedict XVI
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Alexander the Great
Charles Darwin
Barack Obama

These results correspond to all 24 major languages in which Wikipedia is available and, as you see, are quite different from one another, showing that what we believe popular is not always the most relevant.

Microsoft Introduced new Windows 10 Version: Latest News on New Updates

Neither Threshold or 9 Microsoft Windows has introduced its new operating system, Windows 10. Terry Myerson, head of Windows has been commissioned to reveal the characteristics of the system.

It was on the small stage of San Francisco and eager to play with the audience. ” There are over one billion people using Windows. Time for a new Windows, to be built under the first premise mobility, cloud first, “Myerson said.The executive chose to play a bit before revealing the name. “What name should bring the new Windows. Not deserve to be called Windows 9 said.

Microsoft Introduced new Windows 10 Version: Latest News on New Updates

windows 10

Perhaps Windows One, but unfortunately there is already a Windows 1, “he said before the screen appeared the name “Windows 10”.Myerson As shown, the system will be compatible with all kinds of devices, from mobile to desktop computers. Myerson also confirmed the release of a single store for applications on all devices. The operating system will support terminals from 4 to 80 inches, ie also will be on Microsoft’s mobile software. [Microsoft eliminate the Nokia brand its mobile.

The company takes more steps to comply with the strategy “One Microsoft”. The executive said that Windows 10 will be “family” environment for business, and will be easier to use. ” It will be compatible with all systems management using now, “said the executive.J on Belfiore, responsible for Windows Phone, came on stage to show live running Windows 10 “Many of you know me as the guy that works on Windows Phon e. The software you will see is in its early stage, “said the executive.Belfiore confirmed the expected characteristics of the return of the Start Menu. As leaked combines traditional menu of Windows 7 shortcuts seen in Windows 8.

“We want all those users of Windows 7 to feel that until yesterday were driving a Prius first generation … and now with Windows 10 feel as if carrying a Tesla. N or have anything new to be learned here. It gives you the familiarity of Windows 7 with some elements of Windows 8, “said Belfiore.Microsoft wants to keep tactile characteristics as the Charm Bar, it was speculated that disappear. Now when you slide your finger to the left edge of the screen a “task bara ‘appears friendlier.Will have a mode that will allow the interface to change the device in which it is installed. If a tablet, the software is more focused on the tactile. Windows 10 hit the market “at” 2015. technique beta version was launched on 1 October this year

Top Movie streaming apps for Android Smart Phones

There are numerous movie streaming site available online today and can enjoy watching free movies, TV shows easily through your Smartphone, Tablets, etc. In this post, I will discuss few movie streaming apps for Android which you will like knowing about.

You no longer need to turn your TV remote to watch your favourite programs, since you can use this handy ShowBox Apk For Android for the purpose.

Best movie streaming apps for Android:


ShowBox is one of the commonly used Android movie streaming sites where you can watch your favourite TV shows and Movies instantly. You will find a vast collection of movies and other contents in this app. The app provides you full HD picture quality which makes you free from boredom while watching. Just select any of the genres to watch and search the movie of your desire among the list.


Mobdro is also one of the best movie streaming apps for Android which is very flexible to use. This app has vast contents where you will find of TV shows, movies, and even new channels. You can easily download your favourite movies and watch them later offline. The movies in this app are listed according to their genres like action, drama, romance, horror, documentary, etc.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time apk is a common movie streaming apps for Android which has a very good user interface. The app is regularly updated, and you will find all the latest collection of movies and TV shows. You are free from annoying pop-ups while navigating the app. All the options in this app are easy to use and navigate with.


This is one of the stunning movie streaming apps for Android which allow you to watch and download easily. The Crackle app has all the features except downloading, but you can instantly watch online. It contains all kind of movies and programs of your desire which is easy to use and handy as well. If you are a busy man, then you will definitely take a break with this app, and it can be your best time killer as well.

The above mentioned are some of the recommended movie streaming apps for Android. You can download any of the mentioned apps on your Android Smartphone and start experiencing its explosive collections.

Popcorn Time app download

Popcorn Time app download for android smartphones, Tablets

Popcorn Time: Popcorn Time app is an amazing tool developed for you to enable watch all the latest movies or TV series absolutely for free. It does not necessarily require downloading of files as you can watch either the live streaming or offline videos with the finest quality.

Obviously, it offers you an HD quality of video picked from the best and trusted torrent files. I suggest you go for the Popcorn Time app download as this kind of free movie online watching portal are very rare in a phone application.

Features of the Popcorn Time app 


  • The popcorn Time is simultaneously searching for the best torrents from one of the trusted or recommended sites.
  • If you make a search for any of your favourite movie then the Popcorn Time app will search out for you the fine quality version file. It avoids the corrupted file and enables you a fine streaming video.
  • using the Popcorn app you will be able to watch countless movies or TV Series as much as you want it. There is no movie or TV Series watching limitation set in the sites of the Popcorn Time you simply need is fast and active internet connectivity.
  • Watch any movies or TV Series using the Popcorn Time app on your device continuously. It brings to you HD qualities videos along with the subtitles that are available in different languages depending on the region.
  • The popcorn time app comes absolutely for free no additional charges is required for watching online streaming movies or TV series. You can either watch movies online or offline in the Popcorn Time app.

Download Popcorn Time app on Android device?

  • Go to the official website.
  • Choose your android version downloading options.
  • Now download Apk file on your android device.
  • Before you begin, make sure that the setting of your device is set as unknown sources.
  • Go to the Popcorn time Apk file on your sd card and install on your device.
  • After the installation is done. Restart the device. Then you can watch movies and TV series using the Popcorn Time App.

Get the Popcorn Time app on your device today to enjoy watching unlimited TV shows and movies as well. The application is designed in a very simple way and with a user-friendly interface, it can also be run using your devices like PC and tablet choose any of the ways to watch movies.

Learn how to use Evernote, the application will trigger your productivity

Problems of the organisation at work every day? Do not worry if we do not know the ultimate personal organizer, Evernote, you’ll find all the details here

Everyday at work generates a huge amount of information is becoming more difficult to manage . Especially considering that comes from different sources. Sometimes it comes to emails, news or web pages, while at other times physical documents and information are not scanned; what annotations are added by hand in a notebook, calendar alarms on mobile, a range of post-its and even desperate hand scribbles. To this must be added another bunch of needs requiring personal level.

Organise all the information of interest we generate every day-including that relates to the field staff is a task that can sometimes seem incomprehensible. Basics for maintaining order is to have a trunk to put in everything that we consider useful. The next step is to be easy to find something specific in this store. Third, it is necessary that this container is accessible from anywhere, to avoid the frustration of having forgotten the agenda or have no true front document saved in the computer work.

The application Evernote has these three characteristics. This is a service that allows you to store documents in different formats from images and web pages to make personal notes or keeping tabs on emails, ranking all through a tagging system that allows fast and accurate searches. It syncs with the cloud so that the content is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. Today the software is available on Windows, Mac, and Windows 8, as well as iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Storing all information

Evernote is designed as an integrated solution for the all-encompassing platform. The theme chosen by the company (the same name) to promote your product describes it as ” the second brain” and this is the function that aims to meet the application. Content is created based on books, which can be opened for each new topic or project. Within these notes are added, either written text or associated documents. The information is categorised by a system of labels, which it then easier to find what you want. Also, read how to create a account


5 hidden features that you need to know about Reddit

Reddit proclaimed the front-page of the Internet a long time ago, and I must say that they bear quite right. The fact that it is a community of people from all over the world, manages a large amount of content on all possible classes are created, which in turn, sees a lot of unimaginable follies . Is that how you get some strange provenance subreddits which can give even afraid to go, but also find other extremely cool where you want to spend your life.

On Reddit there’s something for every type of person, created by all kinds of people, and there are few such relevant websites. This makes becoming a usual source for many websites that are dedicated to “farmear” viral content. Everyone will find his Reddit slice of the pie. Although the design is very minimalist Reddit and many would say it’s ugly and hard to navigate, there are many ways to improve, with extensions for the browser or applications for your smartphone . But if you have time visiting him, you’ve probably gotten used to how it looks. What you may not know is that there are many secrets hidden in Reddit behind that simple design, features and much fun will be very useful in some cases.

5 hidden features of Reddit:

Cite user comments easily :

If you live in what they like and want to comment on Reddit quote someone else, you can make the process faster highlighting the quoted text with the mouse and then clicking on reply . The comment will automatically insert quotation.

Reddit? Blocked? Do not worry about it anymore :

Reddit could also be described as a black hole that swallows all your productivity : Once you enter, you will surely not leave many hours. For this reason, many workplaces block it with the most popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. To avoid these locks have two options: the simplest is to go to where you will see exactly the same as if you were the original domain. You can also add a plus sign (+) to the URL of any subreddit ; for example, instead of writing / r / IAMA in the browser address bar, you write: / r / IAMA + .

Rain bacon :

If you are using RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite) , which is an extension that greatly improves the use of Reddit, you can achieve it rains bacon if you enter the Konami Code . Do not know how? Simple, using your keyboard while you’re at home Reddit: ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → BA ENTER .

Watching slideshow with the letter “p” :

If you want to watch a subreddit that is primarily of photographs, you can do it in presentation mode by adding the letter “p” in the address . For example, if you go to see “pics” comes with the following address: / r / pics .

Dale exposure fast your posts :

If you want to increase your karma on Reddit, or you want your post to gain visibility, make friends, find that 10 upvote thereof promptly after publication. These first 10 votes will be taken as the most important because the algorithm will think the site is very important to be sent immediately to the frontpage (Reddit nirvana where everyone wants to get there). Yes, avoids creating upvotes from accounts on one computer, or IP, because it will notice too.

Game Hacking App: Advantages and Disadvantages

Nowadays it is very common to hack your device game so that you can reach the higher level in the game before anyone else. Game Hacking App is a game-modifying tool that can get you unlimited coins, life, and many another thing. These apps are the most useful application that has been used by many people and also it is free of cost for Android devices.

This app keeps you away from unnecessary ads and gets you hack almost all the top games such as temple run 2, Subway Surfers, Clash of lCans, candy crush saga and much more on your android device. By getting this app you can clear your difficult game level and score its high position.

Install Lucky patcher which is a great Android app which let you remove advertisements from Android apps and games.

Advantages of Game Hacking App:

There are many advantages that you need to know and here I am going to share you the benefits of using this app.

  • This app can be downloadable on all the android phones. If you have a rooted device it can install all the top games and even modify it without causing you trouble.
  • If you have to search the amount then it allows you to see in the game and by editing the value it can add more value to your score. Once you edit the value, it will show you in the game when you play it for the next time.
  • Sometimes if you happen to stuck in a level while helping your online friends even if you are in offline mode it will help you to cross the level easily.
  • You can also block certain games as it helps you to adjust the modification of a game.
  • This will help you to improve your game efficiency, control your data games and gets you to determine the size of the data range.
  • It can search codes even though the existing codes doesn’t enable to access.

Disadvantages of Game Hacking App:

Along with advantages, every app has its disadvantages as well and so you should definitely know the disadvantages too before downloading the app on your device.

  • To access the full function of the hacking app it will ask you to load an extra ad link.
  • While doing multi-tasking work, it delays and might damage your phone.

  • Once you download the software do not forget to delete your log files or else anyone can easily track you.
  • Unless the user is not having IP address no one can be able to track his licensed product.

Therefore, these are the advantages and disadvantages of using game hacking app that you are looking for. If you are having more queries then you can comment below, we will be happy to help you.

Download Hotmail Now For Free!

Did someone say free? in the internet, pretty much anything can be free. And I am pretty sure you were once a pirate, or you still are. With a world of nothing “really” free there are some that are an exception. Like hugs and emails. The best part of Hotmail is that it’s free to download and free to use. It is just one of the most useful tools I can think of. And have I mentioned to you that it is for free? How much should I elaborate? Hotmail is one of biggest and most popular domain there is on the internet. I do not know anyone who does not know or have come across with Hotmail. Not having an E-mail address is like not having Facebook at the age of thirteen when everybody in school has it but you. It does make you feel like an outcast. With all these domain Hotmail still is one of the best. Base on my own experience on the number one network provider on the united states of america they all prefer Hotmail not just because of it vast number of users but because for them it is just a lot easier. it has features and advantages that other domains simply do not have. I do not need to sell it so much. You are probably familiar with the product itself. Because it is just that good. For example, in Brazil it is the most widely used domain. So it just that good that even the lads in Brazil uses it.